Silver Spring Lakes

Silver Spring Lakes is a group of three deep and clear lakes near the small town of Elko.

About 45-minute drive from Cranbrook. Steep, dark-brown cliffs coated with lichen hug the shores of the first and third lakes.
The first lake is frequented by those looking for a refreshing plunge into chilly waters.

The hike one-way is 3.7 km, and within the first half kilometre, the trail gains most of its 90 m (300 ft.) elevation. Silver Springs Lakes is at 1006 m (3,300 ft.)


  1. Drive on highway 3 east of Cranbrook for approximately 60km then turn east onto Bate Ave. The main road winds through the town of Elko for 1.1 km.
  2. Turn left and downhill to cross the Elk River Bridge.
  3. At 3.8 km from the highway, a trailhead sign is along the right side of the road.

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