Chief Isadore Trail


The Chief Isadore Trail is half rail trail and half gravel enhanced singletrack. The route starts at the Cranbrook Visitors Centre on 23rd St. North and finishes at the Wardner Community Park just south of Cranbrook. This is a great trail to explore to see wetland areas, stunning mountain vistas, rivers, and wildlife. 

The Chief Isadore Trail is a 43.5 km packed gravel hiking and cycling trail that mostly follows the reasonably level former railway grade from Cranbrook to Wardner.

Cranbrook Trailhead; 0 km: At the north end of Cranbrook Street (near the overpass) Turn right (east) onto 30th Ave. N, then immediately left onto Stahl Rd., a small paved road heading northward, parallel to the highway.

150 m: Take the left fork beside the fenced yard. This left branch will look like a private road leading under the overpass but continue along the left fork. (The right fork goes into the Cranbrook Forest Service Southeast Fire Centre yard.)

330 m: The gravel road splits again. Take the left fork and park at the signed Isadore Canyon trailhead. (The right fork leads to a yellow gate which connects into the Cranbrook Community Forest with its vast network of trails. The Community Forest gate is open for vehicle access from June to October, but cyclists and hikers can go in year-round.)

 There are several other trailheads to the Chief Isadore Trail. The 17 km "Mayook Trail" is part of the Chief Isadore Trail, which leaves the railway grade and climbs the lower of Mount Baker. Begin from either Pritchard or Ha-Ha Creek Roads from highway #3 east of Cranbrook.  Another favourite spur begins from the Ramparts Rest Area, and this 7 km section forms a loop.