Premier Lake Provincial Park

About an hour drive from Cranbrook is the scenic Premier Lake Provincial Park.

Established Date: April 26, 1940 | Park Size: 837 hectares
The park features landscape begging for exploration! In the center of the park hides a winding trail along a creek. It will lead you from the upper park all the way to the lake. Featuring lush greens and rooted trails, you may even be lucky enough to see the trout spawning here!

A hiking trail to Yankee, Canuck and Turtle Lake is an easy/moderate, low-elevation forested trail around a 6.8 km loop.
The elevation gain is 150 m (500 ft.) with the highest point along the path between Turtle and Canuck Lakes at 990 m (3,249 ft.). These deep and clear lakes are close together, and they sparkle with the reflections of the adjacent Rocky Mountains.


Premier Lake Provincial Park features an RV campground, playground for young children & paved roads within the park. The deep, clear and cool lake is suitable for swimming, fishing, and boating.