Wasa Wellness Weekend

September 27, 2019 - September 29, 2019 Cranbrook Area

In the beautiful setting of Wasa Lake with sandy beaches. Join us for a weekend of healing, connection and rejuvenation. On this weekend you will feel a deeper connection to your heart heal old wounds and step more into your Power. 

Are you ready to release pain and trauma on a cellular level? Learn the power of breath and weaving in the peaceful pine to assist you through this transformation. 

Mastering your body by learning the magic of cells and how powerful your really are. Guided meditation to delete cellular memory and activate your Divine DNA Blueprint

Embracing the magic of the Tibetan singing bowls meditation to lift you to a new frequency. 

Transform generations back and generations forward of disfunction into a state of harmony, peace and love. Whether you are an active participant or not you will have the results positively affect your life and family. 

Yoga offered in morning to wake up and activate the body and yoga /pressure point massage to relax and prepare for restful sleep

Delicious meals will be prepared for you choose from vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.. From Friday dinner to sunday lunch you will be pampered and taken care of.

Please visit their Facebook Event Page for more information.


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