Perry Creek

Perry Creek is in Purcell Mountains west of Cranbrook. Filled with Historical wealth - you can visit this area for a dusty backroad drive, a hike to a waterfall, and exploration of times long since past.

If you've visited Fort Steele Heritage Town, you've seen the incredible stature of the Water Wheel. The Perry Creek water wheel was originally located about 25 miles west of Fort Steele, where it was used to pump water from mine tunnels up to 150 feet deep. Built in 1934, it is 32 feet in diameter, 7 feet wide, and could produce 68 horsepower to drive 2 pumps. The water pumped from the tunnels was used to wash the gold-bearing gravels brought up from. The wheel was successful, but the mine only operated for another 2 years.

Old Town is a ghost town of British Columbia, located on the south side of Perry Creek, northwest of Cranbrook. The town contained dance halls, several saloons, hotels, three stores and a jail. The town was created around 1867 and lasted about ten years. You can see it's historic location on Google Maps