Mause Creek Tarns

The Mause Creek Tarns nestle in a Rocky Mountain basin at an elevation of 2118 m (6950 ft.) The ponds are surrounded by wildflowers, larch and fir trees. It is a moderate 3.1 km hike to the shallow lakes (tarns) with an elevation gain of 405 m (1330 ft.) When you get to the ponds, it is just the beginning of hikes to the connecting trail to Tanglefoot Lake.

After driving up the rough and narrow Mause Creek Road (aka Mause) in your four-wheel drive vehicle, for 13 km begin your hike. Walk up the old mining road for 1.9 km to the remains of the Victor Mine. The mine is just a jumble of old wood and metal now. From the mine site continue into a scenic alpine valley with the creek on your right. The trail bends left and hikes up a steep section heading northeast.

Top Tip! Janice Strong has been a long-time guidebook author to the area. Her 4th Edition of the book Mountain Footsteps Hikes in the East Kootenay of Southeastern British Columbia is published by Rocky Mountain Books