Leather Apron Revival - Live at Encore

June 24, 2023 Encore Brewing Co.
Grab Your Tickets at the link, or at the Encore Check-In Desk!
Leather Apron Revival is a 3-piece rock & roll outfit from the Rocky Mountains of BC. Their vintage sounds are warm, deep and rich with visceral grooves and bluesy riffs. Thoughtful songwriting and powerful melodies to create a timeless yet modern rock soundscape with a dash of vintage Canadiana. The ambitious group has an “old soul” dynamic and vibe that is sure to entertain. With front man Lennan Delaney’s tried and true professional music chops and his experience touring across North America, their palpable chemistry and the diverse musical palette of the trio allow the band to effortlessly slide between modern rock and neo-soul. Their rapid evolution has cemented them among the emerging rock & roll acts to watch in Canada.
Armed with Light & Shadow, their new full-length album produced by Leeroy Stagger and mastered by John Greenham, the band is relentlessly reaching new audiences and bringing their high-energy rock & roll sound to new heights, creating die hard fans in their wake.
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