Stepping Into Abundance - A Hypnotic Guided Journey

April 20, 2024 Studio Stage Door

Unearth Hidden Treasures on a Gem-Kissed Beach!

Escape the mundane, Join Inner Vibz on this joyful guided journey as you step onto pristine white sands, and let the waves weave their magic.

Are you ready to step boldly into abundance; for it awaits those who choose to embrace it.

Visualization, often misconstrued as mere daydreaming, is in fact a potent tool in manifesting abundance. It’s the process of creating detailed mental imagery of what you want, and to feel the joy, gratitude, and fulfillment as if your dreams have already materialized.

Why Hypnosis? Our subconscious mind, that silent orchestrator of our thoughts and emotions, operates in fascinating ways. It doesn’t discern between what is real and what is imagined; to it, both realms blend seamlessly. This phenomenon has been well-documented by brain researchers and psychologists alike.

The Journey Ahead: holds the road map to manifesting abundance. 

Our expert hypnotist will lead you through a session of deep relaxation, then skillfully weave language and intentions into these visualizations.

Creating Your Abundant Self:

  1. Visualization: Close your eyes. See yourself settling into a lounger on a relaxing beach.
  2. Specificity: Be precise. Feel the sun, smell the air, allow your subconscious to create the perfect beach day.
  3.  The First Wave: As you’re relaxing, watching the waves, you notice something glinting in the water, and when the waves reside: you realize there are sapphires, lots and lots of brilliant blue sapphires along the shore line. You heart quickens!
  4. The Second Wave: Stunned and disbelieving, you sit down after collecting the gems, but as you get comfortable you see another incoming wave with a red hue. As the waves reside, shocked, you notice rubies along the shoreline. Thinking this can’t actually be happening, you rush to collect the gems.
  5.  The Third Wave: Back in your chair again, trying to believe your good luck, you see yet another wave. This one glittering like a kaleidoscope of colors. Telling yourself that this can’t be true, yet holding your breath in anticipation, you wait. As the waves reside, you don’t notice anything, feeling both relieved and disappointed, but then you realize there are dazzling diamonds nestled in the sand.
  6. Abundance:  You feel the joy of wealth and visualize an abundant life. (Need I say more?) You just won the lottery!

Remember, our subconscious doesn’t discern between what is real and what is imagined; to it, both realms blend seamlessly. The first step in manifesting is to Visualize and Feel It as Already Yours.

Now, let’s apply this to our journey. As you step onto the cool white beach, your subconscious doesn’t question its authenticity. The waves—their rhythm, their gifts—are as real as the sand beneath your feet. The sapphires, rubies, and diamonds you gather? They’re not mere figments; they’re tangible blessings. Your brain, in its infinite wisdom, weaves reality from imagination.

“So, close your eyes. Feel the sun’s warmth, hear the waves’ whispers. Let Sapphire Shores unfold within you. Your subconscious will paint the canvas vividly—the sparkle of gems, the weight of abundance. And as you emerge from this journey, remember: what you imagine to be happening is indeed happening, —as far as your brain is concerned.”

The summary: emotions, images and actions that have been generated and explored during the session will be thoughtfully summarized. This distills the essence of the session into a concise narrative, a summary of yourself as abundant.

Anchoring the Experience: Anchoring involves linking a specific mental image or emotion to a physical action or cue, in this session it will be the summary of your abundant self. As a group session, the anchor will be chosen for you. If the anchor chosen is the color blue, every time you see the color blue, it serves as a catalyst to reinforce the essence of your abundant self. The summary and anchor can be invoked whenever necessary, strengthening your path toward a life of wealth and abundants.

Complex—I know. In a nutshell, your mind will be flooded with all the emotions, imagery and goals set while in hypnosis.

Your hypnosis session will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and at ease. You may feel lighter, more alert and focused, with a sharpener mental clarity and experience a sense of euphoria or happiness.

At Sapphire Shores, the waves don’t just retreat; they reveal destinies. Are you ready to uncover yours?

$20—Sat, Apr 20, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, Stage/Studio Door, Cranbrook Community Theatre

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