Introduction to Burlesque Classes

November 19, 2023 Key City Theatre

Introductory Burlesque Class on November 19:

Class 1: 2pm
Burlesque 101 with Jeez Loueez

Curious about burlesque? What is it anyway?! In this 75 minute crash course, Jeez Loueez (voted the #1 most influential burlesque figure in the world) will introduce you to the art of burlesque movement!

With a focus on "the tease", Jeez will gently guide you into warm ups, drills, and combinations designed to build confidence, body awareness, and your own unique charm and sensuality. We'll cover the bumps and grinds, shimmies & shakes, and more. No dance or stage experience is necessary. Come dressed to move and with an open mind!

This class is for budding beginners, those who are curious about burlesque, or just interested in burlesque as a hobby and artistic practice.

Let's Keep Going!

Class 2: 3:30pm
Dance and Tease with Kage Wolfe

Are you interested in joining the world of burlesque? The Kulture King of Burlesque himself, Kage Wolfe, is bringing a dynamic opportunity created to build upon the harmony of dance and the tease. Sign up for this 75 minute unique experience designed to teach you some dance moves while adding elements from the art of burlesque. Dip your toe into the magic!

The perfect ice-breaker, refresher, or crossover from other forms of performance arts.

Whether you’re a shy newbie, a curious cat, or an experienced entertainer looking to try something new, Kage Wolfe will have various tools available to keep us moving, learning, and teasing.


*No burlesque experience required

*No clothing removal occurs during class

Registration for both courses can be completed by clicking here.

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