COTR Museia Public Lecture Series

December 21, 2023 Cranbrook Public Library

Welcome to the COTR Museia: The seasonal celebration of learning in partnership with the Cranbrook Public Library.

What is a Museia?

A festival of honour of the Greek muses who inspire sciences, mathematics, literature, and arts.

What is the COTR Museia?

A public lecture series created by the faculty in Arts and Sciences at College of the Rockies.

COTR Museia Lecture Series: Black Holes - the deepest darkness and the overpowering light

Please join College of the Rockies on Thursday, December 21 for the first public lecture in their three-part Museia series.

Leading this lecture is Dr. Ben Tippett, Astronomy & Physics Instructor in the Department of Math and Sciences at College of the Rockies. Dr. Tippett is also the creator of the podcast, The Titanium Physicist.

Black Holes are perhaps the most amazing things in the universe: made from the concepts of space and time itself, they are sink-holes from which not even light itself can escape. Despite this, they are the source of the brightest light in the cosmos.

In this talk, Dr. Tippett will explain their history, the paradoxes of their existence, the mysteries they contain inside of their cores, and the physical evidence we have that they really and truly exist.

Information regarding Arts and Science programs at College of the Rockies will be available.

This event is FREE to attend but they do ask guest to complete an online registration form to help manage numbers.

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