The Movie: ELF! at The Studio Stage Door! Presented by REP

December 15, 2019 Studio Stage Door

You are in for a treat this December! REP is presenting three great movies for you, as they were intended to be seen -- on the big screen!

We're breaking from our 80s theme to go with a true modern Christmas classic. Will Ferrel, Ed Ansner, Bob Newhart and James Caan star in Elf, directed by Jon Favreau.
Don't miss this opportunity to share Buddy's adventure in the Big Apple and create memories of a true family experience this holiday season.

Full concession with fresh popped popcorn that people are calling "perfect!"
Holiday themed cartoons kick off the show!

Saturday December 15th at 2PM
Only playing at The Studio Stage Door
Cranbrook Community Theatre
11  11th Street South

"All we want to do was entertain you!"

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