Pan-dulum: A Call to Unreason

July 20, 2019 In Town

On July 20th from 7-9pm

Deborah Thompson will be giving an Artist Talk on her body of work Pan-dulum: A call to unreason which is a response to the pendulum of emotion between hope and fear that is prevalent in our culture today.
Her inspiration for this work is the likes of Dr. Gabor Mate and James Hillman. She has explored those familiar states from the extremes of our instinctual wisdom. From the throngs of high stress and overachieving, to paths of escapism in search of transcendence. Her exploration comes through visually as a series of human and animal expressions. It can be seen as the workings of Pan who inhabits our society at this time and in a desperate call for something different: a wisdom born of unreason in a culture driven by reason.

Visit Cranbrook Arts to hear this about this fascinating topic at Cranbrook Arts 1013 Baker Street.

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