Early Season Biking

March 5, 2024 | Cranbrook Tourism

SPRING! Are you here yet?
We can’t be the only ones waiting with bated breath for the dirt to show itself again. The blossoming of trees and sprouting of new growth ignites something in us to oil our chains and pedal up a hill.

mountain biking in the Community Forest - Cranbrook BC

→ Cranbrook BC and the surrounding area is home to some of the most underrated mountain bike terrain. The Community Forest is begging Cranbrook residents and visitors to take in the sights, test their ability, challenge their stamina and so much more. 

The Star Wars Trails are often the first in the region to welcome mountain bikers in the spring.

Our local riders have formed the respected club known as the Wildhorse Cycling Club. These guys & gals live, breathe and build these trails. With their help & builders all over BC we have collected a list of:


  1. Respect the trail. So much of the Community Forest has been built and maintained by passionate volunteers and members of the cycling club. It is not an effortless gain to keep the fabulous flow of these trails! We live in such a beautiful place and are so fortunate to have free access to this network of thrills. Chat up any of the Wildhorse members to try your hand at trail building - I personally assure you that a new level of bike love will be gained.

  2. Wait for the right conditions. We know you’re eager... So are the rest of us. But riding trails with soft snow and mud are some of the quickest ways to devastate the trails stability. What can you do to help? Ride in early morning or evening when the trails are firm with lower temperatures. If there's a puddle? Blast right through the centre of it - we don't ride bikes to stay clean, do we?! The reaction to ride around the hazard damages the surrounding eco-structure that keeps the integrity of the trail together.

    muddy trail Muddy trail

    Another option: Rail Trails! Northstar Rails to Trails is clear of snow, and ready to welcome riders.
  3. Stopping is a risk. And we don’t mean pedal till you die. We just mean to be conscious of where you are stopping. Whether it’s to take in the view, snap a photo with your sweaty friends, or tie your shoelace… Don’t park yourself in the center of the trail, at the base of a hill, or around a corner.

  4. Understand the trail rankings. If you’re new to biking - the signage, arrows and symbols can be confusing. While it is similar to the ski hill difficulty rating system, we’ve sourced an infographic to help you understand it best! Not shown in the infographic is directional arrows. THESE ARE IMPORTANT, some trails are single direction. Many are either downhill or uphill devoted, confusing the two can be very dangerous for you and other riders.

    → Be sure to check Trailforks prior to riding to familiarize yourself with the trail network.

    Trail difficulty

  5. Leave the trail modification to the experts. While it may be tempting to move rocks, make shortcuts or create alternate routes… Please refrain. Trail builders go through extensive approval processes to make these trails the way they are. Tree removal, ecosystem sustainability and risk management are all factors for the professional builders consideration. Leave the work to them and the play to us!



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