Sheep and Goats

Where're the sheep? Click here to find a map showing where sheep and goats can be viewed in the Kootenay's

Mountain Goat and Big Horn Sheep 

Mountain Goat facts:

  • Mountain Goats have white coats, beards, and short, black, dagger-like horns. 
  • Rams have massive curved horns while the ewe's horns are short and spiky.
  • Bighorn Sheep are primarily grazers and migrate seasonally between low grassy slopes and alpine meadows.
  • During the fall mating season, rams battle for dominance by crashing horns together until the weaker ram gives up.

Big Horn Sheep facts: 

  • Bighorns have brown horns, a sandy-coloured coat and a white rump.
  • If a deer attacks you- try to stay upright as they inflict ingury by stricking at their opponent with their sharp hoves. Cover you head with your arms and back off to some form of shelter. 
  • Deer may signal an impeding attack by laying their ears back and lowering their head. 

Goat and Sheep Safety Tips: 

  • If a goat or sheep approaches, slowly move away from it to keep a safe distance.
  • If it continues to approach, chase it off by yelling, waving a piece of clothing. 
  • Never surround, crowd, chase, or follow a mountain goat or big horn sheep.
  • Do not feed the mountain goats or allow them to lick your skin or backpack.