Universal Reiki

Reiki is in all living things. The energy we emit and receive is all around us. It has the power to reset our energy fields, create balance within and get in tune with our higher selves.

It is a non-invasive approach to health and wellness, and is extremely effective in boosting our over all energy and provide balance throughout all energy systems of the MIND, BODY, SOUL.

We all have the “giving” power of Reiki. Do you remember that really great hug you received? Filled with love, hope, prayers and good intentions. It feels great doesn’t it? How long has it been since you have felt that kind of energy? It’s a powerful tool given to us all by our higher powers that be, GOD, Universe, whichever it is. That of which is greater than we. Energy emits from us all.

Reiki practitioners are simply, a portal for the UNIVERSAL energy, but, it truly lives in us all. The universal energy of Reiki finds it’s way in you, to what’s needed most, only contributing to your highest good.

Use Reiki to provide balance in life, manage pain, allow for healing and the power (energy) to go on through life with confidence, a open heart and with true purpose.

Let the power of Reiki find it’s purpose in you.