Universal Reiki

Are you looking for a new way to discover yourself? Maybe you just need a nice relaxing massage. Or perhaps to reset and or increase your own energy field? Are you feeling stressed? Do you need to reduce your anxiety?

Universal Reiki provides a UNIQUE Experience, providing a relaxing, safe place to learn about yourself in a new way and most importantly to help you feel GREAT! 

As a Reiki Practitioner I help move energy, and provide you a new way to look at what's within, to see energy as a way to help heal yourself and to heal others, if you so desire.

What does your Aura say about you? What are your energy sources? How do they affect your thoughts and emotions? Knowing this can have a profound effect on our self awareness and open us to new healing and self discovery options.

If you're looking to experience new things and receive a unique experience I encourage you to try Universal Reiki as a place to start. 


Find YOU in Universal Reiki