The Wasa Lake Triathlon has been held annually since 1993. The most recent edition of the event took place the 2nd weekend in June in 2022, and Sport Tourism Canada (STC) studied the economic activity it generated. A popular weekend for individuals and families of ages, several events occur throughout the weekend including the Wasa Warrior/Sprint Triathlon/Sprint Duathlon and Standard Triathlon/ Aquabike Trikids events.  

The study was commissioned by Cranbrook Tourism in partnership with the event organizer, RM Events. The report outlines that Cranbrook’s economy benefited from just over $407,000 in economic activity as a result of the successful hosting of the Wasa Lake Triathlon. The study also indicated nearly half a million dollars ($470,000) in economic impact for the province of British Columbia. 

The event drew 950 visitors from the western part of Canada, largely from British Columbia but with a strong contingent from Alberta, and others from Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Data gathered via a survey included age, place of residence, and days attended, while out-of-town respondents answered questions about their length of stay, money spent in various categories and the importance of this event in deciding to travel to Cranbrook. The average visitor spent nearly 3 days in the area and the majority were participants.  

Using the data collected, the STC team analyzed?the visitor information gathered through the survey responses. The combined spending from out-of-town visitors, participants, media, and VIPs was then added to the capital and event operational expenditures to produce an overall determination of the expenditures associated with the event. When all of this data and information was combined, STC used the STEAMPRO economic impact assessment model to produce the detailed report with the economic impact assessment in terms of total output, GDP, wages and salaries, employment and taxes. 

The detailed report, which outlines the results of the economic impact assessment in terms of total output, GDP, wages and salaries, employment and taxes is available on the STC website.