The Community Drumming Tour

October 4, 2023 Studio Stage Door

Set free your inner rhythm, connect with your community, and let the beat move you! Welcome to the Cranbrook Community Drum Circle as part of Rhythm by Nature's Community Drumming Tour! Supported by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, Rhythm by Nature brings you a fully interactive and immersive drumming experience for one night only at the Studio Stage Door.

Professionally facilitated, participants will learn about and experiment with different drums and drumming techniques from all around the world. You'll experience a fun and inclusive drumming workshop, but that's only the beginning! Here are a number of reasons why this event is for you:

  • Group drumming releases stress and negative emotions
  • You're pulled into the present moment
  • It induces deep relaxation
  • It provides a sense of empowerment
  • It can reduce chronic pain & boost the immune system
  • Your body and mind align with the natural world
  • You're offered a non-verbal communicative tool

See you there!

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