Best Places to Hang Lakeside in Cranbrook

May 23, 2018 | By Michele Leyenaar

Provincial Parks, BC Recreation Sites and Trails there are many lakes around Cranbrook.

The smell of suntan lotion, the sounds of kids playing, and the splashing of water under a boat are what makes Kootenay life in the summer so awesome.

Whether you're a fishing nut, a swimmer, or a beach bum, there's a lake with your name on it. There are dozens of lakes in the East Kootenay located in provincial parks, city parks, and other recreational parks. They're all complete with swimming, fishing, boating or wildlife viewing.

Top provincial parks with great swimming include Moyie Lake Provincial Park, Wasa Lake Provincial Park, Norbury Lake Provincial Park, and Jimsmith Lake Provincial Park, and are all within a half hour drive from Cranbrook. Wasa Lake named one of the warmest in the East Kootenays, and Moyie Lake allows power boats. All four lakes are popular with the locals and can draw quite the crowd during peak summer months.

If you're looking for something a little quieter, another 20 minutes past Wasa Lake is the smaller Lazy Lake. It's just that – lazy – and it's one of my personal favourites. Lazy Lake's day area doesn't have a beach, although there are spots to lay your gear or lounge. Serious water bums spend their time here to lounge out on floaties and soak up the sun. St. Mary's Lake is a popular spot for kayaking, canoeing, and those wanting to do a little fishing. If you decide to take the plunge, make sure it's a hot day. This water can be cold.

For those looking for bird-watching and wildlife viewing, Elizabeth Lake, Premier Lake Provincial Park, and Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park are wonderful hidden gems. Elizabeth Lake is within city limits of Cranbrook is great for spotting wildlife. Premier Lake and Whiteswan are about a 40-minute drive from Cranbrook but are situated in the middle of the Canadian Rockies with hiking trails, campgrounds, swimming, hiking, boating, fishing, and hot springs close by.

Several other lakes can be visited if you're willing to take a longer trip, like Koocanusa Reservoir. This is a great spot for fishermen, boaters and swimmers. This large lake is more than 145 kilometres (90 miles) long and stretches across the border to Libby Dam in the United States. There are plenty of spots to pull up a towel and sunbathe or rent your own boat to tour the lake. Check out Sunshine Houseboats for more information on charters, houseboats, and the marina.

If you're looking for more activities to do while visiting the lakes in the area check out Cranbrook Tourism's webpage for more ideas.

Whether you are a fishing nut, swimmer, or beach lounger there is a lake for you in Cranbrook. Find the best places to for a quiet escape, boating adventure, or lazy day.

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