Windsor Hotel at Fort Steele

Experience history like never before!
Newly renovated - The Windsor Hotel has not been open to the public in over 60 years. The doors were last closed back in 1955.

The Windsor Hotel stands to this day on its original location in Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada, and is classified as an official heritage building.
Built by Robert Mather in the winter of 1893-4, the Windsor Hotel was the better known of the seven hotels operating at Fort Steele during the latter part of the decade.

The Windsor has been fully renovated to pay justice to this historic hotel, and bring it back to its former glory! Great care was taken to restore this iconic hotel with historical accuracy, all the way down to the heating covers!

+ Admission to Fort Steele Heritage Town is included with your reservation.

+ Baked goods from Fort Steele City Bakery served each morning, with hot brewed coffee and a selection of beverages.

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