Premier Lake Provincial Park

Nestled against the west slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Premier Lake is one of the key recreational fishing lakes in the East Kootenay. The emerald green lakes of Premier and four smaller lakes, Canuck, Yankee, Cats Eye and Quartz offer a unique and varied fishing experience in a secluded and pleasant park atmosphere.

The area is rich in wildlife. Premier Ridge, west of the lake, is an important wintering range for elk, whitetail and mule deer, and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Forests of Douglas fir and western larch are common in the park. Osprey, eagle, heron, king fisher, numerous forest birds and water fowl can also be seen.

Premier Lake Park, situated 72 km north of Cranbrook, contains 57 vehicle/tent camp sites and is located at the south end of the lake. There are no drive-through sites. There is an information shelter located at the entrance to the park but no telephone.

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Date Established: April 26, 1940
Provincial Park Size: 837 hectares

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Premier is an awesome spot for water enthusiasts and outdoor lovers looking to experience a little bit of everything. Learn about fish spawning with the fish ladder, take the kids along the shoreline to read interpretive signage, go fishing, jump off the dock, have a picnic... There isn't much you CAN'T do here!

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Hiking Trails at Premier Lake

A hiking trail to Yankee, Canuck and Turtle Lake is an easy/moderate, low-elevation forested trail around a 6.8 km loop.
The elevation gain is 150 m (500 ft.) with the highest point along the path between Turtle and Canuck Lakes at 990 m (3,249 ft.). These deep and clear lakes are close together, and they sparkle with the reflections of the adjacent Rocky Mountains.


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